Airdog Car Air Purifier

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Drive with Fresh & Clean Air Everyday with This Purifier’s TPA® Technology & 50x Filtration Efficiency

No matter what you do or where you go, protect yourself and those around you with this Airdog V5 Car Air Purifier. This air purifier has the most advanced air filtration system, the TPA® technology, which can deliver 14,800L of clean air per hour. Its filter-free purification is 50x more efficient compared to HEPA filters, especially when it comes to sterilizing bacteria, mold, and removing smoke. It is also equipped with whisper-quiet technology that allows noiseless and high-efficiency filtration. It has an automated on/off smart technology that is convenient and energy-saving.

  • TPA® Technology. Delivers 14,800L of clean air per hour
  • Filter-Free Purification. 50x more efficient compared to HEPA filters
  • Whisper Quiet Technology. Allows noiseless & high-efficiency filtration
  • Automated On/Off Smart Technology. Convenient & energy-saving

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